Latin ↔ Cyrillic Converter

The Latin to Cyrillic Converter is developed by Michael Troger. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have some input. The application is available for Android as well as for PC.

Simple web version using the Serbian alphabet:


Used transliteration/transcription table:

Download Android: Latin to Cyrillic Converter in the Play Store
Download PC (Java required): Latin to Cyrillic Converter for PC

Important notes:

With version 3.0 of the application the alphabets besides Serbian and Macedonian have been removed. Russian and the other alphabets are no longer included. The reason for that is the impossibility for 100% correct conversion in both directions (Latin to Cyrillic AND Cyrillic to Latin) in those languages. Some latin characters are just not unique. This also lead to some bad reviews and as this application is mainly used for Serbian anyway I made this decision. I apologize for the inconvinence if you used any of the other language alphabets. If you still for some reason want to further use the old version - feel free to mail me on and I'll provide it to you.

Included in earlier version:

Bulgarian Transliteration
Bulgarian Transcription to English
Bulgarian Transcription to German

Russian Transliteration
Russian Transcription to English
Russian Transcription to German

Ukrainian Transliteration
Ukrainian Transcription to English
Ukrainian Transcription to German

Belorussian Transliteration
Belorussian Transcription to English
Belorussian Transcription to German

Kazakh Transliteration
Kazakh Transcription to German

Mongolian Transliteration
Mongolian Transcription to German