Michael Troger. Android Software Engineer. 

My name is Michael Troger and I come from Austria. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Media Technology and Design, where I specialized in Online and Interactive Media.

Developing interactive applications for the web as well as for Android is my passion. For my Bachelor's thesis I developed an augmented virtuality video chat for the browser. Besides my work experience as a web developer in new media agencies, I worked for three months in Belgium as a developer for augmented reality applications for Android.

I earned my Master's degree in Mobile Computing. Currently I'm a Senior Software Engineer (Android) at Adidas Runtastic.

While my main interest is in software and web development, I gained a lot of knowledge in other media sectors while my studies.

The images here show some work of mine in the fields of photography, graphic design and 3d modeling.

Visit the development sections for seeing my applications.