For my Bachelor's thesis I developed a mixed reality video chat for the browser. To be more precise it is augmented virtuality. A virtual room is extended by the real-time image of the two chat partners. The technologies used include WebGL for rendering and interacting with the 3D-scene, WebRTC for peer-to-peer data exchange between the two clients and Node.js at the backend.

Give Place is a reservation web application based on the MEAN stack, meaning on MongoDB, Express, Angular 2.0 and Node.js. It is using a RESTful API for the communication between the client and the server. It was developed by myself and three more students. My part was scripting with Typescript and Angular 2.0 at the Frontend, including the designing of the there used Software architecture.

An interactive browser chat. An applied research project in collaboration with two more students at the university. My part was beeing the project manager and doing backend development. Technologies used include Node.js and Websockets.

GitHub: Shribe

Creation of the website for the school "Freie Schule St. Georgen" with a barrier-free and responsive design in the course of an applied research project in collaboration with a classmate from the university.

Creation of the website for Autotechnik Ing. Paul Troger, Wiesing with a responsive design. The logo has been overworked too.

Online community concerning learning Serbian and Croatian. Includes amongst others: dictionary with search functionality, multilingualism, user accounts, user can add new dictionary entries, phrases or interprets by themselves to the database.

Creation of the new webpage on which the references of the corporation can be seen. One of the most important things was to make the creativity noticeable on site visits.


A simple implementation of the game Gomoku. Created as a demonstration of the capabilities of the HTML5 canvas and of the Cache Manifest, which makes the game even offline playable. Implements many different ways to draw the stones such as drawing solid, with gradients, with images or in different geometrical forms.


1. place at a competition within class concerning search engine optimization at the university. There had to been six pages und the goal was the best possible ranking for the search term Hagenberger Flughund at Thanks to several On-Page and Off-Page actions, all six pages were in the top six at the time of evaluation. Amongst others this was reached by making a social media campaign using YouTube, Facebook and Google+.

Hagenberger Flughund

And what about this page?

This page is built using Node.js with Express at the backend. From Typescript to JavaScript transpiled scripts are used at the frontend. Both - backend and frontend structure - are custom solutions and very lightweight. So e.g. jQuery is not used at all. The styling is done via a component based structure with SCSS. It's very fast response time (often less than 0.5s) is due to several actions for reaching that like loading not so important styles async and making use of a CDN. The client-side text encryption in the contact form has been reached by using OpenPGP.js. The page content is saved in JSON files and included in an EJS template on request. When clicking on in-page links the request is done via AJAX and only the content to change is submitted in JSON format. Thanks to the History API it feels like a new page has been loaded and going back is possible. It's hosted on a popular cloud hosting provider.

My former website was multilingual (German/English), used to have a custom PHP backend with data stored in a MySQL database and was hosted on a custom configured VPS running Ubuntu Server.