Advent Of Code 2021 In Kotlin

01 Dec 2021

This year, for the first time I decided to participate at the Advent of Code puzzle challenge. While I knew some friends were participating before, I somehow never found the time or I just was not motivated enough. What changed this year? I heard friends speaking enthusiastically about it and it’s promoted quite strongly in the developer community in the web. What was an extra motivation was that Jetbrains/Kotlin is a main sponsor. Solving puzzles in my favorite programming language sounded like fun. A Kotlin developer also provides a nice template project to get started, which I found very useful to save some time. For preparation I watched some solutions from 2020, presented by the Kotlin team.

The Plan

I’m not too much experienced with solving puzzles and coding challenges, so I don’t have too high expectations. Also for the global competition, the timezone isn’t too comfortable for me and I prefer solving the puzzles when I find time. My focus will lay on solving the problems in an ideomatic, nicely readable way. Providing solutions with as less code as possible and being as quick as possible are non-goals for me. I’ll try to provide my solutions on the same day the puzzles start, but I can’t promise it due to work and private life potentially interfering.

All my solutions of 2021 can be found on GitHub.

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